Easter(s) in DC


Though we celebrated an early Easter at the new house with an Easter egg hunt, we had lots of fun here in DC on Easter proper.

On Sunday, first up was Lucy’s Easter Basket. She did pretty great this year. There may have even been some overflow of gifts outside of the basket. (Blame the Easter Bunny, Dad, not me.)

Then church, where we dyed Easter eggs and had a potluck lunch. (Here are Lucy and Dad dying eggs on their own.)
make it hurry up Daddy

I will be eating that lollipop very soon, Penelope

Next up, Carol (or Aunt KK) had Lucy, her friend Veronica, V’s new little brother Xavier, and Lucy’s new friends Carly, Sam, and Eva over to the National Arboretum for another Easter egg hunt. And these golden eggs had cash money in them!

on the hunt with my buddy Veronica

(Veronica might be Lucy’s oldest friend. Here is a shot of a play date from more than half their lives ago:)

where are all the eggs?

here we go

I’m going to open these here if that’s OK

yes, she actually eats Peeps

I’ll have two

Finally on Monday was the White House Easter Egg Hunt with Aunt KK. She pulled some strings to get everyone in. Sasha and Malia came out in the morning so L missed them, but everyone still had a great time. Many thanks to Aunt KK for making this Easter so special!


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