Eagerly awaiting

the grandparents… They are on their way. They are sort of crossing paths with Henry, who is on his way to watch Tim Tebow in action.

Today is Henry’s last day of paternity leave, which he didn’t completely use. I may regret that later. They spent the morning celebrating Lucy’s last day as a five-month-old.

Eagerly awaiting

That’s not completely true. Part of the morning was spent trying to figure out how to maximize the battery-life of his laptop for a last-minute document review. It involves clipping a book light on the collar of his shirt. Good luck with that. I just received an update that he is going to clip it to his Florida hat.

Eagerly awaiting

I have threatened that if they get in any trouble, I get everything on my technology wish list and he won’t be getting a new TV. Even if it’s described as the perfect size for a kitchen or home office. Ha! I’m sure Rocky will be happy. So drive safely, Hart. And the swine flu counts. So stay away from Bob just in case.

So what are we doing while we wait? We are watching the chefs from Full Kee prep dinner and people smoke in the alley. I hope there weren’t any transactions or urination while my head was turned to write this.

Lucy has a cough and upped her dosage for her baby Zantac. Seems this teething thing is just going to complicate things. I pretty certain it was the source of this week’s fever. Thanks to my uncle Richard for the diagnosis.

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  1. Sarah

    So Henry is using his last day of baby leave to go see Tim Tebow play?! My great-uncle, who was an old-school family doctor, said babies normally don't have many, if any problems with teething, that fevers, upset tummies, etc. are simply coincidential. Generally, this has been true with J, but I still chalk up any unexplained ill to teething. When Jed has a brush with the law when he's 17, I'm going to assume it was because he was teething.

  2. Caroline Armijo

    Yes… that was not lost on me. I am dreaming up what I will do when I first leave Lucy around weaning time.

    Everything seems to be coincidental with her health and I realize it could easily drive me batty. I am very good at making connections among unrelated things. Sometimes it helps (ie, the GERD), and other times, it doesn't.

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