Documenting the Inauguration

I spent this morning catching up on the week’s activities. Although I typically write three pages every morning in my journal, I had not written since last Thursday. A LOT happened between now and then.

By the time I started Tuesday morning, I was exhausted. This is why I don’t always try to document my entire life. Bad thing is I usually don’t write about really important moments because I am too busy living them. Instead my journal is filled with the mundane pondering of day to day life. But this week seemed too monumental to skip.

Three hours and thirty-five pages later, I think I covered everything. Except for yesterday, which was a great day in itself. I will eventually try to include some key highlights from the weekend. I considered taking photos of the pages, but I am pretty certain no one would be able to read my writing. By the time I was finished, I was sobbing. I emailed Henry and told him I was crying. He responded, “Why?” I think that it was one part low blood sugar since it was almost 1 pm, another part pregnancy hormones, and a third of just realizing that I participated in a pretty massive event in our history.

As for journaling, I need to do better by the baby. I won’t have this many hours to devote to her birth a week later. My dad kept a daily diary for both me and Alex. Maybe Henry can do the same. Alex’s diary is filled with stories of me biting people. Hmmm… Probably not a good sign of things to come.

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