Do I have a green thumb? {Cherry Blossom Kit – Intro}

I like to think so, but that is probably just because I pick plants that thrive off of neglect and love at the same time. I have had a lot of success with my orchids, one which is blooming for the first time in eighteen months. But you have to let them dry out between waterings. One would probably point out that the same orchid’s bottom leaves are limp and yellow from dehydration.

This past Saturday, I gave up on trying to find the ACC Tournament on TV. (I don’t really know where all of the sports channels are located on our cable nor do I have the patience to find them.) I took a walk to Union Station and checked out the National Postal Museum. I wanted to buy stamps to use the collage class I have been taking since the beginning of February. Saturday was a beautiful day, so taking the Circulator wasn’t even an option.

I arrived at the museum as they were wrapping up their family activities. Seems that I managed to visit the museum on their 15th anniversary. Congratulations to the National Postal Museum for this accomplishment. I was excited to browse through The Trailblazers and Trendsetters – Art of the Stamp Exhibit.

I especially loved learning about the scratchboard medium, which was used for a series of art work created by Mark Summers.

So what does this have to do with a green thumb? Well, as I approached the cash register with my two mystery packs of US and World Stamps, I was drawn in by the “Grow Your Own Cherry Blossom” Kit.

I am the granddaughter of a farmer. As a child, I spent many days at my grandparent’s house while my parents were at work. From the side porch, I could peek down into my grandfather’s greenhouse to see all of his little vegetables taking sprout inside of the warm green room. Did he pass this gene along to me? I can’t claim that with confidence, unlike my brother. I have grown lots of plants in the past, but I do not have a lot of experience starting from an actual seed, other than packs of Cosmos, which seem to be idiot proof.

So this week, I soaked my seeds overnight and they are now in the included mini-greenhouse in the back of our fridge for the next thirty days. I added the date to my calendar and the top of the container with a Sharpie. I warned Henry not to throw the seeds out during one of his massive clean sweeps. I will use my blog as an update to see how this project progresses.

Until then, The National Cherry Blossom Festival begins March 29th, my birthday, and runs for two weeks. Be sure to spend time walking amongst the breathtaking blossoming trees. This gift from the Japanese is truly one of our national treasures. Another reason to celebrate? Metro weekend work will be suspended for the next four weeks, as well.

Enjoy! I am off to North Carolina today and will return a coffee-drinking fool.

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