Discovering Happy Toys

Tonight we shared our favorite part of Christmas while finishing up our dinner at the table. Mine was seeing little girls receive their toys from Santa.

I believe that this year maybe the only year when Lucy really understands the concept of Santa before discovering that she can request toys from him. People would ask her what she wanted for Christmas, but I never really did. It was not a conversation that I wanted to have, because no telling what she would say. She may have requested toys for all of her imaginary friends (Fritz, Leka, Luco, Lena, Ollie, Charlotte, and Virginia), which have accumulated exponentially since she recovered from that funky bug a few weeks ago. We already have to buckle them in the car, serve them food, get them out of the bathtub and tuck them into bed. So I have kept quiet while people ask her. Within the last month, Lucy’s response was “happy toys.”

Apparently, she thought the standard response was a dolly. Because that is the first thing she said when she saw the living room on Christmas morning: “I thought he bring a dolly.” Later in the video, she asked me if it snowed that night. (And she has since asked me if it snows, will Santa come again.) This is a rather lengthy video, but she is excited about the doll house. Santa is very pleased. So are mom and dad.

Last night while we were telling our bedtime stories, I told Lucy the story about receiving her Christmas presents that morning. She popped up in the bed and said it was “lormous.” I know that she was trying to say enormous, but she couldn’t quite say the word. I don’t think that I am capturing it correctly. So I need to go back and interview her on camera before she learns the correct pronunciation.

Earlier this summer, Lucy wrote a letter to Santa earlier this summer, during which she requested a lot of TVs. We did receive a TV for Christmas. So the letter worked. Although it is still in the box. I believe that I will miss the solitude most of all. But I hope that I will gain some with the new doll house.

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