Desperate Times

Desperate Times by carolinearmijo
Desperate Times, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

I did whatever I could to get a shower today. I hadn’t showered since Sunday. I gave O a few forbidden objects – our remote controls. Plus I gave him a 27-year-old hair brush. (Thanks, Sue! I still have it!) Then I loaded him in his walker in the den and blared some Sesame Street tunes. If he is going to scream and cry while I shower, it might as well be where I can’t hear him.

One observation – Oliver always likes to have something in both hands. For example, two apples, two cookies, two remotes, etc. And at bedtime, he wants his toothbrush and the Princess Sofia wand or the wooden cake cutter. Or he drops the toothbrush in favor of both of the other items.

Yesterday I gave Oliver a steroid. I regret that I did, because A LOT of screaming happened for the next eighteen hours if he wasn’t sleeping. I think he was less sick, but enraged. I would rather have a snotty, snuggling baby so I can still read a book, than a screaming baby.

After Oliver screamed all through bedtime last night, I read the fact sheet from the pharmacist. Then I tried to feed him whatever I could. But he will not let you feed him. I have appreciated O’s early independence, but I was not about to let him sling around a tube of blueberry yogurt to figure out if he wanted to eat it. If he can’t pick it up on his own, he won’t eat it. That’s not always convenient.

I’m really missing Henry during bedtime. It just drags out too long. Of course there are other reasons that we miss him, but bedtime has me feeling a little desperate.

At the half way point of his trip and Lent, I feel wound up that I am having all of these ideas about what I want to make. But I’m not writing about it nor making anything. So it’s like I’m keyed up. Or maybe I just need to take my supplements. I hope the stories and projects will keep a few days longer.

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