Dahlia Bakery and Serious Pie.

We started and ended yesterday, aka Day Three, at two of Tom Douglas’
restaurants. I had never heard of him before talking to Karen last
week. She casually mentioned his small Seattle restaurant empire as if
I had already heard of him. I hadn’t. Apparently he is to Seattle as
Jose Andres is to DC.

We hopped in the bakery to pick up egg sandwiches and a shortbread
biscuit, along with our coffee. We ate on the street before the rain
set in.

By evening, we had already spent a few hours in the comfort of the
down bedding in atempt to dry out. The rain cleared and we headed to
Serious Pie for our favorite food – pizza. My appetizer was delicious:
sausage, mushrooms and pears. It tasted like fall. Then Henry and I
shared a sausage pizza. I have seriously dumbed down the description.
But Henry and I both agreed that it was serious pie. Granted there are
at least four more restaurants we missed (Dahlia Lounge, Lola, Etta’s,
and a few more), this one is definitely on our list for any future
trips to Seattle.

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1 Comment

  1. julie

    your trip to the NW sounds wonderful so far! it’s a shame you didn’t get to sample dahlia’s cupcakes – they’re quite divine!

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