Daddy Guest Post: First Krispy Kreme Visit


With the girls in NC last week, I went back through Caroline’s massive photo library and found these pics from Thanksgiving of Lucy’s first visit to Krispy Kreme.


hmmm.. what to order… oh yeah, hot original glazed please

As you may know, the first Krispy Kreme opened in Winston-Salem in 1937. According to this charming history written by a UNC undergrad, Krispy Kreme founder and former Kentuckian Vernon Rudolph decided on Winston after being inspired by the cigarettes he smoked, believing that if Winston (aka “Camel City”) could support the tobacco industry it might also go for fresh donuts. (Perhaps not coincidentally, Vernon also died at the age of 58.)





We aren’t big sweets eaters, but like all humans we were tempted by the Hot Donuts Now sign and decided to pull in. We are happy to report, however, that Lucy was unable to finish her donut.


Just a bite thanks

Just like her Mom, she was much more interested in the process than in the product. She left her donuts and juice at our table and kept asking us to lift her up to look through the glass window so she could watch the donut machine. She would let out a little “whoop” when the flipper would flip the raw side of the baked donuts into the hot oil. She was right to be impressed – the machine makes 270 dounts an hour and apparently goes for $75,000 used.


If you haven’t seen the machine in action, here’s a look. Make sure you stick with it through the “wall of icing”:

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