Cutting (and Pasting) Coupons

Today’s Oprah is about this frugal family. I am in the midst of cleaning out my closet, so I keep going back and forth from the bedroom to the den. I have a deadline of finishing my project before movie night.

But I have to share my recent coupon experience. For our recent trip to NYC, I paused when I saw the promotional code at the check out for both Amtrak and Orbitz. I have never used a promotional code unless I received it in an email or on a physical coupon. But there are countless times when I left this opening blank.

Thanks to the power of Google, I found a promo code for both! If you just type in “Amtrak Promotional Code” or “Orbitz Promotional Code,” you will find countless web sites with current sales. I saved over $90 on our two night hotel stay and over $50 for one of our train tickets to NYC.

We stayed right outside of Penn Station, so we simply took the Metro to Union Station, got off the train in Manhattan and crossed the street. It was so easy I wondered why I waited until I was five months pregnant to think of this. Plus I’ll never leave one of those promo codes blank again.

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  1. Anonymous

    Maybe you can find a coupon code for your Bugaboo so your can impress for less.

  2. carolinagirl

    I’m working on it too if we are going to make this new house work. Did you see the Today show today? They featured blogs that help with coupons and matching them to sales…see the link from WXII here in W-S. They have the links for the blogs. I have saved to my blog roll. Maybe that will help me start using coupons.

  3. Caroline Armijo

    Great idea! But no stroller has been selected nor bought yet. I am still waiting for your input, Anon.

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