Come on, Wonderland

Lucy turned two and a half today. And wow… we are in pretend play full-time these days.

This video was really the first full-fledged pretend play I can remember. I guess she has been calling herself Jane or Michael from Mary Poppins for a while now. But this was the first time when she started acting out scenes.

We went to visit Lafayette Park in front of the White House last Tuesday. The water fountains were drained and the ducks were gone. I was worried that she would not be entertained. But I was wrong. Our visit the time before, I had pointed out the red roses in front of the statue of Andrew Jackson on the horse. This time Lucy quickly decided that the small hedge off to the side was the White Rabbit’s home. Every time she runs off, she starts saying, “I’m late! I’m late!” as in, “…for a very important date.” Midway through the video, though, she says something I do not understand. She is saying that she is running off into “the woods,” which is precisely what happens in her book once Wonderland (Alice aka Mommy) finds the White Rabbit at home.

I checked the Alice in Wonderland DVD from the library a few months ago. She watched it once and wasn’t really into it. When we last went home, I found my old Little Golden book and we have been reading it. A couple of weeks ago I downloaded the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack that I also had when I was little. We are big fans of soundtracks in general. I think know that Lucy would watch TV for hours, so I have found a way around that by playing music instead. Alice in Wonderland is her current favorite mealtime accompaniment.

Since last week almost everything Lucy says to me ends with “Wonderland.” As in “I would like to eat some chicken, Wonderland.” She keeps saying something until I say “Yes, White Rabbit” or whatever the appropriate response would be followed by “White Rabbit.” Frequently she wants to see the Cheshire Cat, who is her father. Or the caterpillar, which she calls something like a “paterpillar,” who is Alex.

We are not limited to Alice in Wonderland. We rotate according to our roles in all of her favorite cast of characters. When we go to “Boz,” Lucy is the Wicked Witch and she wants my pretty shoes. I imagine that the Kogod Courtyard at the National Portrait Gallery is now the home of the Wizard of Oz. We found the lion’s house in the trees and the tin man’s house in a large metal column. We also found a heart and some courage, too. Whew.

All of this imaginative play is exhausting. No wonder I don’t feel like blogging post-bedtime. Not to mention the playground progress. I just want to veg out. But I will try to catch up on her activities, because these are stories I don’t want to forget.

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