coffee and karaoke

This morning we were going about our normal routine. Henry showers while I fix coffee and breakfast and straighten up by making the bed. Today’s coffee was the last batch of Krankie’s coffee, which I love. I took one swallow and thought, “Maybe I should skip my walk and sit home and drink all of this coffee.” Now I am ready to dive into the bag of beans from Dewey’s to determine which brand we should serve for Shannon and Will’s brunch.

Then I was completely sidetracked by this story featuring Sean Tevis, a Kansas politician who quickly raised $26,000 with a cartoon. I have no plans to run for local office. Well, I can’t now that I am a DC poll worker. Later on my walk, I considered adding a PayPal button on the right hand column to give people a chance to donate money just because I am so entertaining and do good things. Hmmm… I don’t think that will work.

No, I was actually sidetracked by the smooth vocal chords of Rick Astley. According to the story, the success of Sean Tevis’ web site seems to be linked to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” (But I can’t find the link!) The song took me straight back to the 7th grade. Plus it gave Henry the opportunity to sing a little. He is always primed to sing early in the morning. The debate – to use Henry’s actual voice or mimic Astley’s baritone. The latter, of course! Plus this song has an easy set of background vocals for me. I successfully sang a few bars to accompany Henry. His eyes lit up once I made it to the second round of vocals. Then a third. But I stopped short when I forgot the words following the chorus. Oh well… I guess I need to study up for our next night of karaoke.

Enjoy! (Plus a little trivia thanks to Pop-Up Video)

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