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After last week’s rant, I managed to regroup and find a few new
solutions. Plus we managed to clean up, put things away and I finally
went through the mail. Now how do I get out of jury duty? I may have
to reschedule for my 90 days and have Grandma come up for an extended
visit in September.

One of my new solutions to the pumping/holding Lucy was moving the
bouncy seat closer. I love our Baby Bjorn bouncy seat from Rocky and
the Nucleus. I even saw her manage to bounce herself after I decided
not to buy the foldable swing at Target. If I remove one of the couch
seat cushions, I can slide the base under the one I’m sitting on. Then
I can tap it with me foot or lean over and feed her. Perfect.

We use the mini boppy from her activity mat to boost her up in the
bouncer a little, just as we do in the Ergo Baby Carrier instead of
buying the Infant insert. Before the pillow, her hands were always
caught under the straps and she hated that. This little girl does not
like to be restrained in any way. Forget swaddling. It only works half
of the time.

After another round of information overload, I’m pretty certain that
Lucy has reflux. Since we are aware, it makes things a little easier
to know how to handle the situation. We let her sleep during tummy
time on her activity mat. She tends to burp as we place her face down
and this seems to help. Plus we burp her more while eating and keep
her elevated. At this point, she seems pretty content, until it’s time
to eat. And generally she will lose it somewhere along the way. But
feeding is really the only thing that feels "off." Otherwise, she’s
fairly content and happy baby.

So, now that I have an action plan up my sleeve, life feels a lot more
sane. Plus my milk keeps coming and I’ve dropped down to six pumps a
day, which also makes a huge difference in my sanity. We had both a
play date here with Taylor and Silas and a dinner date out at Ike and

I’m pretty certain that much activity would have made me crazy a few
days ago with seven to eight pumps. But I’m sitting here writing and
I’m not even pumping yet. Why didn’t I wait just a little bit longer
to write this, so that I would be multi-tasking? I still have a few
things I need to do before bed and do my final evening pump. I have to
maximize the 24 hours of the day and late night is way easier for me
than pre-dawn. Good night.

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