Shannon, Jason, Henry and I ate lunch at Five Guys today after visiting the National Gallery of Art. For some reason being with Shannon and Jason with David Bowie singing Changes in the background reminded me of my first computer.

When Shannon and I moved out of the dorm and into Mill Creek Apartments, my dad bought me a new PC. I don’t remember the technical specifics, although I am sure the computer was about the equivalent of my Palm Treo phone 11 years later. Anyway, the computer came with a free Microsoft Encarta CD, which was an encyclopedia. It was the first time we had seen graphics on the computer. I remember having parties and inevitably we would end up going up to my room and laughing at the video clips on the disk. One was a baby monkey eating a grape and the other was a giraffe giving birth to a calf.

It is amazing how much technology has changed since 1994. That was probably the year I got my first email address. And soon after, I created my first web page, which is amazingly still up on the UNC server. Technically, I am still an employee so I still have the same email account to access various servers on campus. I guess some things stay the same regardless of how drastically others change.

Happy Birthday, Amy!

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