Celebrating 16 Months with Veronica


Lucy turned sixteen months today.

We celebrated with a spontaneous play date with Veronica. I received a text after voting that they were headed towards the National Building Museum. Believe it or not, we were on our way there. (And we don’t go that often!) But the museum was occupied, so we ended up back at our place.


I pulled my camera out to document Lucy today, since it was her birthday. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to catch Lucy and Veronica on video. Too much cereal on the floor. Kidding! But they loved playing with one another. They are a little more interactive now that they can both walk. They aren’t just hanging on to their side of the piano. I think that they were talking to one another in their baby language.







As for Lucy’s new skills, she is a definite climber. I just noticed today that she can climb into our leather chair and then swing her body around to get out. It is so nice not to have to worry about her flinging her body off of furniture anymore. Now I just need to start worrying about our bookcases. She hasn’t noticed them yet. Maybe that is a good excuse to let her climb shorter furniture. I still need to make sure she can get off of our bed. It is pretty high.

My mom frequently reminds me that Alex was a climber. She would find him on top of the fridge all of the time. She would get him down and turn around just to find him perched up there again. I’m also concerned that Lucy likes jam bands, which she would definitely get from her uncle. And not me.

I have decided to remove dairy from her diet again. We enjoyed pizza, cheese and yogurt for most of month fifteen. But over the last three weeks, she has been waking up in the middle of the night again. She slept great after her first birthday until August. That is the same period that she was dairy, egg and beef free. We haven’t given up on beef completely. But after two dairy-free days, she slept until 5 am the first night and 5:50, the second. That is a miracle. Now if we can just get back to where we were mid-summer.

Plus she now has eczema all over her shoulders, near her arm pit and on her thigh. I suspected the dairy, but I can live with her having a rash. The night waking was killing me. I had suspected before her one-year test that food allergies might have interrupted her sleep. This past six weeks confirmed it.

I considered giving it up last week, but I bought some fresh mozzerella at the farmers market first. Super yum. Once she got over the wet texture, she loved it. Sorry, love. Maybe later in life.

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