CELEBRATE: This Year’s #OneWord

This is my fourth year practicing #OneWord, which gives you a focus for the year. My previous words in order were Peace, Joy and Courage. 

On Tuesday, when I thought about my next word, Celebrate popped into my mind. At first, I was like are you sure? Then I immediately thought, I’ll take it! After a year of courage, I am open to celebrating the minutiae of life. 

Fortunately we celebrated my birthday early as part of our March Merritt Family Gathering. Lucy was amazed by how beautiful my coffee was. It was a field trip month, which considerably cut back on our attendees. But The Table in Asheboro was magical and the family table  magically opened up as the rest of my family arrived. 

If you want to see a real mill town in the South, visit Asheboro. It’s now full of antique shops. I took the kids in what must have been more along the junky side, because I was only slighted swayed by a Muppets Baby comic book. 

We love The Table in Greensboro. We have abandoned grocery store bread for what Oliver calls “salty bread,” which we pick up weekly. So I really wanted to go to the original location in Asheville. 

The Table’s food was yummy and we stuck around for dessert – a rich chocolate tart. Which is when I believe Oliver potentially contaminated my family with Fifths Disease. It hit my pretty hard yesterday on my actual birthday, which is why I’m grateful that this Saturday was one of our best days ever. 

We made a quick visit to the zoo. Like exactly thirty-five minutes. 

Lucy had her first soccer match of the season. 

She finished her fairy house. 

Then we went to see Go, Dog, Go! at UNCG. We even received our tickets for free. A patron had left three at the desk. 

Then on Tuesday I received an early birthday gift from Amazon – Clue! The kids love it. It’s not exactly easy to play with Oliver since he doesn’t know how to hold his cards. But he is gotten out his murder weapons everyday and selected his favorite colors, which happen to be the men, matching them to the rooms. 

Then last night as I slept off a fever, Oliver discovered that he likes shrimp as part of my birthday dinner. Now that’s worth celebrating! 

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