Camping Out

Camping Out

This morning at 5 am was my big mental deadline of 37 weeks. This was when I went into labor with Lucy. Considering at is almost 11 pm, I believe I was entering the first stages of shock.

But today was a breeze. I worked hard to clean my bathroom, wash the laundry and clean a stack of papers off various surfaces in my house. I still have a lot to accomplish, mainly pack for the hospital and put the car seat in the car. But critical projects are finished and a fair bit of clutter has been cleared.

We sent Lucy to school today with her tent. We receive weekly emails talking about this week’s activities, which sometimes includes requests to borrow items. This week, the kids are camping out. As soon as I picked Lucy up, I realized our tent must have been too hard. Once I put it together when we got home, I realized how sane her teacher was not to use it.

Camping Out

With the major projects of updating the web sites and washing the baby clothes complete, I actually had an idea – well, multiple ideas – regarding the campsite. We could build a campfire and use the random piece of tissue paper that had been laying around our kitchen this week.

Lucy gathered sticks and put them in a bowl. I folded up the tissue paper and cut a wavy shape. Then we shaped them into flames and stuck them in with the sticks. We didn’t use any glue or anything. It managed to hold together pretty well for a while. But as I type there are sticks and paper strewn all over our sunroom. At least it is a small room.

Camping Out

We roasted real marshmallows over our pretend fire. I think that was okay by Lucy. Once I asked her what she was scared of. I was shocked to learn that number two on her list was the black places that get on marshmallows when you roast them. Umm… Okay.

Our campsite was fun. I was secretly hoping she would become so self-absorbed in the tent that I could leave her to take a nap or do something. Instead I sat on the couch and tried to convince her that I wasn’t going to get into the tent with her. Somehow I became Sister. Furthermore Mother and Father were not allowed in the tent. I obviously wasn’t creative enough to come up with returning to the mother role.

But I did break down and popped in the Sound of Music for the first time since we moved to NC. That is a LONG movie. Obviously I am getting weak in my final days. She was so excited that she was jumping and sliding everywhere. That movie may be a Summer 2013 staple.

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