Broken leg

Last time I went home to visit my mom, I brought one of my favorite sweaters. I had a small stain right on the front despite the red dry cleaning tag still stapled inside. I wanted to learn her tricks of cleaning sweaters so that I wouldn’t accidentally shrink them down to doll size. She shared with me about how to use Grandma’s Soap. Later I bought my own
little bottle at Hancock Fabric. I dabbed it and soaked it. Then I gently wrung it out to let it dry. There was still a slight stain left but maybe I notice it because I work with tiny details all of the time.

I felt pretty confident in Grandma’s Soap and my new skill. So when I ventured up into the attic, I discovered this crafty little chick that I LOVED as a child. I think that maybe it had something to do with the fact that it had a snug little home I could tie him up in. His little Easter egg was dingy. So I brought him downstairs and lathered him up. I left him to soak.

But I forgot all about the little chick as we left to go to Winston for afternoon errands and shopping. Five minutes became five hours. And when we returned home, I discovered that this chick’s scrawny synthetic legs had disintegrated. One of his little x eye marks had fallen apart, too. What happened to my baby chicken, Carmella? (A little reference to the Muppet Babies.)

I am hoping that maybe Renee can knit up a couple of new legs and serve a momentary stint as a stuffed animal rescue officer.

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  1. Renee

    Sure – I should be able to crochet a new leg for your chick and sew on a new eye. I’m almost like a vet!

  2. Caroline Armijo

    I will have to bring this little one along when I see you next. Maybe it will inspire you to create some more gifts, too.

  3. LiaStarLight

    I totally laughed out loud at this post!

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