blog failure

This is my second blog. My first blog, from bubble up studio, never really worked because it is a photo blog. I love taking pictures and using them in my blog. I also love the photo thumbnail archive. But photo blogging becomes too difficult to really add something quick and thoughtful. I found that it can lead to blog failure. The thumbnails above are links to my archives. I am in the process of trying to figure out whether or not to transfer the information from the archives to my new blog or just let it rest in peace.

Henry has also started his own blog, Home Bistro. Every time someone tastes his Southern Spanish tortilla, they ask how he does it. After trying to share several receipes at parties, he decided maybe a blog was an easy way to go. Much easier than a public access show, although maybe not as fun. (One day, Henry!)

Since Henry started his blog last week, he has not been adding frequent posts. He keeps saying that we will have a photo shoot one night. But I told him that would lead to the death of his blog. You can’t wait to take pictures, but add them when you can. Sure it makes your writing more interesting, but I just don’t want that to lead to another case of blog failure.

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