Birthday Greetings!

Birthday Greetings!

I received so many wonderful birthday greetings today. It was like a constant flow of well wishes from my Facebook friends. Plus I received a few old-fashioned greetings like this lovely picture and email from my aunt Paula. A handful of emails, phone calls and texts were so lovely, as well.

I had a great birthday. Rocky had the genius idea of asking Kat to babysit. So Henry and I went out to dinner and sorbet by ourselves. It was fabulous. When we returned home, Lucy was still fairly hyper from all of the attention. But she was ready for bed and even started saying “Sleep, sleep” within minutes of Kat’s departure. Who is this child? Since we returned from Florida, we have really been struggling with bedtime. But tonight was a gift. And last night.

The weather was gorgeous. So we headed out for a late day walk in a new direction. I had my first Etsy order/Tyvek sale to drop at the USPS. Then we visited the DC History Museum, located the new park at 10th and M, and even inspired Miss Mary for an impromptu Story Time. It was great. Here’s hoping tomorrow will be great despite the rain. I got super depressed last laundry day/Wednesday. It was rainy then, too. I need to remember the outings we need to make and can take via car – yard sale items to the church and grocery trip. We discovered today that Trader Joe’s Falafel is actually delicious. Maybe we will buy some more.

Here is to another new year! Thanks to Mom, even though she got to skip the labor pains. Although I’ve heard eating fried chicken after surgery can be just as painful.

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  1. I’m sorry sorry I missed you birthday. I’ve been suffering from a cruel kidney stone this week. They must be punishment for men to experience something like labor pains. I am glad you had a great birthday. Your blog inspires me and keeps me connected to you no matter the month or time. Say hello to Lucy from the boys. They want to come over and play soon.

  2. Caroline (Author)

    Thanks, Ryan!

    I am sorry to hear about your kidney stones. That is no fun! I hope that you feel relief soon. Drink lots of water with lemon. I guess you know that.

    We would love to see the boys and play tour guide whenever you are ready!

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