Birthday Girl

Today is the coveted six weeks. It’s all downhill from here. Well,
maybe. I think about how far we’ve come, specifically with her
feeding. Although I often feel like we are in the same place as five
weeks ago. Thankfully, Henry reminds me that we are not.

Coincidentally, Sarah’s copy of Babywise arrived in the mail today.
The second chapter is all about feeding philosophies. I need a new
one, because so far I seem to be stuck with long sessions of comfort
nursing. After reading a forum of mom’s discussing this problem
online, I realized things could be worse.

But, Little L, you are missing out on lots of fun activites with all
of this time being spent on eating. But at least now, you can eat
enough that you seem content and satisfied for a little while. Once
you are finished eating, you will smile, kick and play.

Lucy, today you are all dressed up in your sweet yellow dress. You are
so much more alert than even a week ago. You are generally quiet,
unless you are crying. Sometimes you have a soft little coo. You still
have your cat cry when you are really upset, which makes me laugh.
Your dad really entertains you with his funny faces and endless
singing. Everyone comments as we walk down the street. You are quite a
hit, Little Bear.

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  1. Being Shrimanker

    Babywise is the best book EVER!!!

  2. Caroline Armijo

    I have only read the first four chapters and I have learned so much!

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