Birds Taking Flight

Last week, we finally hung our four birds in the den. Oliver is a huge fan. I am surprised by how frequently he talks about his painting. On the night that I hung them, I brought three out of four into the den to show Henry’s parents. He quickly ran and got his, which I had left behind. I heard a thud and a Oliver-speak, “I dropped it!” Once we returned to the den, he proceeded to tell his abuelos all about his painting.

I videoed him talking about the paintings. He has spoken a little more clearly on other occasions. My hope is that one day, I will know exactly what he is saying, like this video of Lucy when I had no idea she was saying “hotel.”

We really loved making these paintings, but I want to do more. Perhaps a painting inspired by the aggressive robins in our yard. They all seem to have their own personalities.

I still cannot describe how inspiring it is to see them in person. As someone who studied art and wrote about it in graduate school, I am always overwhelmed when I stand face to face with the work. The Internet is pretty amazing, but not THAT amazing. Go check out some art today. And appreciate the birds on Earth Day!

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