Birds for Miro

A couple of Sundays ago, we headed to Durham for a staycation. I really wanted to see Miro at the Nasher and Jeanette was having a Valentine’s sale. So we loaded up the car and had a great time. By the time we were about to pull into the Nasher, I was having second thoughts. It was 60 degrees outside. What if we just went to the Life and Science Museum and played in the garden instead. Henry was not having it and I am glad that I listened. I fell in love with this guy above.

There is nothing that I could write that would express how magnificent it is to experience Miro’s art in person. To stand face to face with this gay bird and to see all of the other birds perched atop women throughout the exhibit. I felt so light and joyful when I left that I knew I wanted to paint some birds as soon as I returned home. Visiting this exhibit also confirmed that returning to the focus on Art and Play was my top priority for the next year.

Miro was on my short list of artists, but for whatever reason he ended up on the cutting room floor, aka my bedroom. And I can’t recall why I didn’t include him. If I had seen this exhibit in person, there is no doubt that I would have included him. I even regret to share that the exhibit closes tomorrow. But there is so much great information online about Miro. Wow. Check out the Seattle Art Museum and here at the Nasher.

It took me a couple of weeks to get around to painting the birds. But today was the day. Plus JOY was today’s word for the #rethinkchurch Photo-A-Day project for Lent.

When I was at the exhibit, I knew that I wanted to paint the two t-shirts that Oliver and Lucy wear most frequently. I believe that when I think back on this time, I will think of them in these little bird shirts. Plus, I excelled at painting birds way back when I practiced Chinese Brush painting in Chinatown.

Then Lucy jumped in ready to paint, as always. I told her that I wanted her to paint a really big bird. I went to check on something and came back to find this! Love!

Later Lucy had a playdate, so Oliver climbed up on the chair and started painting. He had the BEST time. So much joy was coming out of this little guy. It ended with me trying to enjoy watching him half as much as he having painting. I finally had to switch out my favorite brush because he was breaking off my bristles. The name Chicken Scratch came to mind as he was painting this. Just keeping with the bird theme.

This painting is still in process. But you can see her little shirt in the corner.

I hope we will explore Miro a little more, perhaps with some assemblages. You should, too. So fun.

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