Big Day, Part I: Flower Girl


Lucy’s big flower girl debut finally arrived today. After Leah, she may have been the star of the wedding. She didn’t exactly scatter her entire basket of flowers into the aisle, but it was the first ever time she didn’t run full-blast to the front row pew. I wanted to make sure I saw her come down, so we’ll have to wait for the wedding photographer to get some shots of her in action. But the time before and after was well documented.



waiting patiently for the rest of the bridal party to arrive

gearing up

She was just as good during the wedding and wedding party photo shoot.


her work is finished; now she can enjoy the rest of the ceremony with Mommy.



showing off her purse

During the reception, she made a new friend named Kennedy. They dominated the dance floor.


Old friends were there too, like Mohamed’s daughter Wetein.


And of course, all of this great action (including her DC birthday party; more on that next post) took place on our anniversary. We love you, Daddy!


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