Best Christmas Present Ever

Best Christmas Present Ever

I am still wondering when I am going to share my Christmas wish list with my family. Well, at this point it is moot. But the same is not true for Henry. He was the only person to make a list of exactly what he wanted for Christmas and emailed it to my immediate family by November 20th. Each item had a tremendously long hyperlink after its name. Because he did not embed the link, my mom was baffled by the “foreign language.” I heard about it daily for four weeks.

My Christmas shopping was severely limited this year. It is the least number of gifts I have purchased since I could drive. Aside from the most critical gifts for someone under three feet high, I didn’t even order anything on the internet. The week that I declared I needed to “make count” ended up being my least productive week of 2012. I held Lucy for most of her waking hours. But she literally reawakened from her virus as I learned of Sandy Hook, so how could I dare complain?

The next week Henry was in Burma for one week and 13 hours. So left me with about three hours to actively shop after the Rutledge Law Office Christmas party and throw in a couple of random errands over the next day or two. I did all of my shopping at the Friendly Center. Aside from Toys & Co, all of the shops were in a straight line: Williams-Sonoma, Apple and Anthropologie. Then one short lot away, I bought fancy hot chocolate, exotic spices and local pistachios from Whole Foods. I watched this video on Design Mom about how to get a great gift at the grocery store. It was very inspiring and resulted in the most presents bought in one store.

One week later, I am most pleased with my Apple purchase of Henry’s Fuel Band. I had no idea what this was when I bought it. I didn’t even pick the right color. But in less than three minutes, it was mine and much easier to wrap than the requested crock pot. But now I know.

Henry has a daily goal of earning fuel points. They aren’t the same as burning calories. That’s much harder. But it is based on activity. So we may be sitting on the couch talking and he will randomly fist pump like Arsenio Hall. That’s nine points. Before Henry would be highly insulted if I asked for a glass of water, even while I’m pregnant. Now he eagerly gets one for me. And waters the Christmas tree. And runs things upstairs. Any extra movement, he relishes. All for a few digital fireworks once he reaches his daily goal. I’m loving life as long as this fad lasts!!!

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