Behind the scenes

We have been pretty quiet here lately. We spent the weekend doing a little computer housekeeping. On Friday night, I finally set up my Etsy shop. (Please take a minute to add me to your favorites, Etsy fans!)

I was so motivated, I spent all of yesterday cleaning up our iMac. I thought my pictures were my problems. Nope. The multiple duplicates of files from about five different computers. I deleted all of my NECTAC files without flinching. I have managed to move all of my files under one directory. What a relief!

In addition to the 22,000 pictures in iPhoto, I had countless pictures from my work computer files. I think that I have also added them to iPhoto. But for safe keeping I started uploading them to Flickr. I hope to finally organize them so that I can easily find pictures from Alexis and Blake’s wedding before their fifth anniversary. I started a book for them way back when. Maybe we will manage to edit and order it by April.

Tonight I spent a fair bit of time working on my blog. It’s going to be a full web site/blog update. I am getting very close and hope to post it this week. Henry and I even took our respective laptops to Rocky’s to work while watching football and discussing Gabe’s trip to Thailand.

Now Lucy and I are back home. She is sleeping and I’m searching for the History Channel. I turned Henry’s dad on to Madhouse last week. Madhouse is a reality tv show set in my hometown.

I went to elementary school with two of the stars, Burt and Jason Myers. Even then their names were synonymous with racing.

The first week I saw my elementary school; last week, my doctor. Who knows what will show up this week. So yes, all of these people talk like me. No, I do not like racing. But this is where it all started, so it is pretty entertaining. Antonio loved the cars and Martina said they seemed like nice people from the country. I think she maybe misses her country roots, as well.

Catch Madhouse Sunday nights at 10. And don’t forget to add my Etsy store to your favorites!!!

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

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  1. Sarah

    thanks for the Madhouse info… I didn't know when/if they were actually going to start airing it, so I will set our dvr immediately!

  2. Caroline Armijo

    Last night was Episode 3. It is on our On Demand. We still don't have DVR.

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