Before and After: Hair! Hair! Hair!


On the very last day of his first year, Jed received his first hair cut. If you’ve been following this adorable little hair-wolf, you would know that this is a truly momentous occasion. Once I caught wind of the impending doom (a serious must read), I was sure to check the blog several times throughout the day. I hope that mom and dad held up okay. I am sure it was a tough day. Although they truly have enough shots to torture this kid during his wedding video many, many years from now.


Happy Birthday, Jed! We wish we were able to help you celebrate tomorrow!

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1 Comment

  1. Sarah

    Oh man! I just looked to see what your new post was, fully expecting to see Lil L, but there was Big J! Thanks for the shout-out! It turned out to not be as traumatic (for us) as we’d thought it might be…. and of course, we will have thousands more pictures of the birthday celebrations later today!

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