Back to Tai Chi

Back to Tai Chi

We have been in that tough stage of transitioning from two naps to one. This weekend we skipped the morning nap and survived other than crying once I left her in the nursery at church. Sorry, Laura! But where were all of the other kids?

Today we dropped in for the last little bit of Tai Chi, which was a repeat of last Tuesday. There is a lot of activity in the Chinatown Cultural Community Center in the summertime. Tai Chi occurs in the midst of several teenagers hanging out. Mainly a group of boys are playing cards; girls are on the computers across the rooms; and there are some language lessons in the corner. In the middle, almost a dozen people are trying to glide across the room while not running into a table and remembering to watch our breath.

I did not do so well today. But Lucy loved catching the attention of a young girl, who was browsing Facebook. She was also recognized by a teen who paid a lot of attention last Tuesday. It seems that she has a love interest and they were spending a lot of time flirting in the corner behind the white board. Once Tai Chi was over I let her out of her stroller to wander around. She walked around saying hey to all of her new friends. She even went over to chaperone the activities behind the white board. I wish I had a picture of that!

Lucy likes to pat this little dragon. It is a lot less destructible and intimidating than the dancing lion mask in the corner. I just have to make sure she doesn’t pull every book off of the bookshelf. So we are going to try to stick to a morning outing to help us move into a new routine. We won’t be at Tai Chi for the full hour, but maybe we will build up to that.

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