Back from the two-week family tour

Well, we all were for about two hours before Henry left for Columbia. I made him read me the color PowerPoint on how to avoid getting kidnapped. Seriously. That wasn’t the title of the handout, but the gist. And, of course, to relax and have fun. Bogota is a wonderful place.

Back from the two-week family tour

Lucy slept great in her little bed. We bought a cotton padding to add a little extra comfort. I think that’s the key otherwise her changing pad is way more comfy than this little Eddie Bauer bag bed from Target. But the bottom piece is just vinyl-covered cardboard. No wonder she didn’t want to sleep in it in Chicago.

We snoozed a lot in Florida. We slept so much the first two days we were there that I ended up with a headache. By Saturday, after eight Oreos, I imagined that I could still do a cartwheel. I guess somewhere I have some pent up energy. Good.

By the time I arrived at PBI, I felt like I had been beaten. Granted Lucy slept with me the night before at Alex’s. And we had a 9:30 flight out of Charlotte. (Bad Idea) We aren’t cut out to be co- sleepers. Over the last few weeks, she has established that she likes to sleep flat on her back with her arms raised and surrendering to slumber. It certainly sounds like a battle with her paci, or like she might devour it before she passes out.

Plus while we were home, I tried to keep up with mom at her normal pace. This involved essentially three different events a day, seeing anywhere from 30-100 people at each. I’m certain that this is an exaggeration. But not really. Plus when you have two to three hours between eating and sleeping, it makes extra stops at the post office, rest home, and bank really exhausting. I think after a couple of days, Mom figured this out. We skipped a final lunch in Walnut Cove and I had her help me come home to pack before an afternoon photo shoot in Reynolda Village.

Before I left Mom’s, my milk levels were pretty low. I kept pumping every night to build up to around six ounces for the flight to Florida. I did leave a couple of bags in the freezer. I kept pumping, because as frequent readers know, I have issues with low milk supply. But on the last pitiful one and a half ounce show, I just didn’t care. That is saying something.

Fast forward to Friday morning, after two days of not leaving the house and meals of three proteins and one veggie, I pumped a whopping 5.75 ounces. This was back up to mid-August numbers while I was in my stride. I was so excited. So excited.

I realized that when web sites like Kellymom and books such as Make More Milk recommend taking a nursing vacation, where you spend two or three days nursing very frequently, they mean a vacation. It’s more successful if you don’t do anything else. I spent two weeks prior to our trip on a “nursing vacation.” But that just means I added more feedings and pumpings on top of everything else. I really longed to be close to my family because I knew that I could probably talk at least an aunt to come over and watch Lucy while staying on top of things.

I think my in-laws should rent out their extra bedroom for other struggling moms. I did pretty much nothing but nurse and read Facebook status updates. Then they would have dinner ready, which one day consisted of boiled shrimp, chicken, steak, broccoli and wheat thins. That was after a breakfast of boiled shrimp, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, plus toast and jam. Food is a really big deal in our family, to say the least.

So… I didn’t write my thank you notes, update Lucy’s first year calendar or journal, nor read my library book. I did spend about ten minutes watching a baby dragonfly wriggle around on the floor.

Back from the two-week family tour

I guess I should have spent that time saving the poor dragonfly, because when I looked over later, it was gone.

Back from the two-week family tour

So now we are back. And I’m determined to transition Lucy to her crib. Even if that means sleeping in this bag bed in her crib. I saw her eyeing the Moses basket while I was reading her Maybelle the Cable Car. Yes. We were gone a long time. Almost one-tenth of her life.

I declared this week a week of leisure before Henry arrived in Florida last Thursday. I plan to catch up on all the TV I missed. I only watched half an episode of Project Runway while in Florida, which was a record.

We did do a few fun things while in the Fla, which are their own blog entries. Bu as with any new baby, out came the pictures. I know this blurry little shot doesn’t do this photo justice. But check out the ladies man.

Back from the two-week family tour

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  1. Sarah

    We put the moses basket in J's crib for a day or two and then just the moses basket "mattress" and after a couple of days of that, he was happy as a clam in the crib.

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