Back from the Planet Mars

This past week Lucy went to camp in Winston-Salem and I spent the week attempting to starve the thrush out of my body, which was why we returned to the doctor last week (as seen above). The combination of commuting and cutting calories while breastfeeding left me exhausted and literally dizzy. In short I was pretty useless and just barely present anywhere I went all week. I thought yeast had overtaken my body, but I was actually starving.

On Friday, I had a follow-up at my doctor before heading to The Fresh Market for some low carb snacks. After a nap and increased caloric intake, I felt much better. Significantly better. Yes, I was trying to cut simple sugars. No I wasn’t trying to eat less. I just ended up in circumstances where I didn’t have access to any snacks … several times … all week.

Before I left for my OB, Ollie’s diaper had a little orange tinge to it. Thanks to the Internet I quickly discovered that he was dehydrated. That had to be the result of my cutting out almost all carbs. I was ecstatic when the doctor gave me an oral anti-fungal to take along with the Nystatin cream and my probiotics. Tonight I happily ate a piece of chocolate cake at our neighbor’s surprise birthday party.

The week before last doctor’s visit for the thrush seems like a vague memory at this point. But on the way to the appointment, Lucy started singing this song that her dad introduced her to. They had watched the video several times on YouTube. I never paid much attention to it until I realized she was singing about several of the planets. I tried to recall the My Very Eager Mother Served Us Pickles or whatever we were taught in the third grade. I thought I should find a book about the planets. And then we rolled into the planet-themed room at our pediatrician’s office. Wow! What a coincidence.

Shonen Knife performing Riding on a Rocket


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