At the Children’s Museum

Last week Lucy asked me who Carter was. He is her cousin. Not a first, but no need to confuse the issue! I am so sad that her meticulous memory is starting to fade. I promptly invited Brandi to join us at the Children’s Museum. We all had a great time.

Baby Carter is not so baby anymore. But he still looks identical to Chad. Everyone says Oliver looks like his dad, but I’m still waiting for a head full of hair and the melting of some baby fat to be 100% convinced. When I see him dressed in overalls around the age of 5, I’ll get over my denial. They certainly share the same personality traits!

We all had a great time, except for Oliver. He does not seem to be his normal jolly self today. He wasn’t even interested in food nor the other kids at the GCM. Normally he cackles with delight just watching the kids run around. I suspect that Henry and Lucy’s cold has finally settled in on him. Here’s hoping his first Thanksgiving will be happy!

We are so lucky to live close to our family. And I am thankful Carter is right in between Lucy and Ollie. My cousins have always been my best friends. I am so thankful to have so many

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