At last – my tobacco project

Tobacco Project from Caroline Armijo on Vimeo.

Finally a video of the finished piece! After Christmas, I plan to include close-up photos of the text and the audio files. I can’t wait to spend some time reading the piece. Because of the woven texture, complete thoughts aren’t visible. But I imagine that there is some interesting “visual poetry,” as termed by another Brazilian visitor to my studio.

This project is based on the idea of recreating a latch hook rug, like I made with my grandmother. I wove twists of tobacco and strips of craft paper featuring three essays I wrote about my childhood.

The first was The Story of My Scar, which describes my account of cutting my right hand with a Dr. Pepper bottle when I was kindergarten. The shape of the final piece is taken from the shape of my scar.

The second essay was about spending time on the brown shag rug at my grandmother’s house. It includes the issues of severe allergies that I had through elementary school.

Finally, the third essay, is a humorous memory of my grandparents afraid of a perceived snake on the rug. I was too frightened to take a look, but glad I finally did.

I also created audio recordings of the essays, which would ideally play on a loop as part of an installation.

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  1. carolinagirl

    Very interesting! I would like to read your essays!!! Congrats on finishing before Christmas!

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