An Attempted Escape, Foiled

Lucy woke up the other night in a usual crying fit, but we didn’t know anything was amiss until we went into her room and saw her standing up in the crib, holding the bars and peering out like a cute little jailbird. We finally knew we had to take some corrective action.

When shopping for cribs, my clear favorite was the Stokke Sleepi System. It had all of the qualities guiding my nursery decor search: small, clean, light, and versatile. Unfortunately, it was also about the price of our Westin Heavenly Bed. But patience and Craigslist always rewards, and with the help of Ben’s car and a little girl named Bella, we were able to bring one home.

Once we found Lucy on her feet a second time, we realized we needed to take the Stokke to Step 2 – lower the crib. In classic Lucy fashion, she made a few funny faces when she didn’t know what was going on, but once she was on board she had a blast.

She still does the jailbird, but now she seems to enjoy it a bit more.

Free Lucia!

Free Lucia!

I hear that train a-commin, its rollin round the bend...

I hear that train a-commin, it's rollin' round the bend...

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  1. she is too cute. i love that first picture the most!

  2. Caroline (Author)

    Thanks, Elise! She is getting so big. We hope to see you before you leave.

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