Afternoon Walk

Afternoon Walk by carolinearmijo
Afternoon Walk, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

Every day after school we head to the playground across the street from Lucy’s preschool. She runs wild for a couple of hours. It is a win/win. She gets a lot of exercise and I minimize whining for tv we would otherwise have before we reach the door. She has made lots of friends and even asks to go to our neighborhood playground more frequently.

Oliver has enjoyed watching the kids. He really wants to get down and play. I have been reluctant to lay him down in the mulch since he can’t even sit up.

This week we were hanging out on a low bench near the grass. I put O’s feet on the ground and he instantly took off, with my help of course. This is where he ended up. I opted for a not so great picture to show how far he traveled. We were seated on the bench directly above Lucy’s head. It looks like a highlighted line on an angle above her.

After she hugged Oliver and showed him off to her friends, Lucy left Oliver with his head on the moist ground. He gave me a look like what is going on.

I think he will walk before Lucy, but Oliver isn’t really rolling across the floor. So we will see how it all evolves. Maybe he doesn’t get enough floor time because we are always on the go. Hard to know. But I’m not anxious to baby-proof yet.

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