Advent Activity: Making a Nativity Scene


A couple of weeks ago, Lucy brought this New Yorker to me. She was very frustrated that she could not peel the little people off the covers like stickers. So I thought that was the perfect cue for a little activity I had picked up from Target.


We were all decorated for Christmas, which was even more scaled back this year. But the perfect amount considering we have an exploring toddler.


I had debated buying her a toy nativity scene, but I couldn’t pull the trigger. Besides do you play with Baby Jesus all year long? Then I realized that our little nativity scene was plastic and perfect for her. I picked it up in Spain when I visited Alex there during Advent many moons ago. I love it’s simplicity. Since we didn’t have a little nativity scene growing up, I knew that was the one souvenior I definitely wanted to buy while we were there.

Lucy loves it, too. I am hoping that we will be able to collect all of the characters and store them safely away in January. At any given moment, you can step on the donkey or discover Joseph in the bathroom.


On the day I almost bought the Fisher Price Little People Nativity, I ran across these stickers at Target. Perfect! I then found a couple of simple plastic frames since there were two sheets inside. And I picked up two sheets of 5 x 7 paper I already had at the studio.


I sat her down at her desk with the little nativity scene and a copy of Silent Night, which Cama gave her last year. These stickers have a 3D effect, so Lucy promptly ripped a raised bunny off of the sticker. From there I took over.


The finished piece! Perfect. And way more pieces to lose than the Fisher Price set.



Lucy was content to study the little scene.


Last week, we were walking around church and she discovered another nativity scene. She immediately recognized the people and animals and sat down next to them. I was so happy that she recognized the scene!

Merry Christmas!

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