a small makeover

I just finished a small makeover for my fortunehearts site. I say small, because I still need to reformat the pages so that they are more consistent, change the fonts of my CSS, and lots of technical stuff I don’t feel going into right now. Last night I showed Henry my work in progress and he started pointing out how none of it made any sense. This morning, my mom said that men just have a different ways of looking at things. It is great to know that your mom always has your back, even when her firewall won’t let her see any of the images that link to an outside web site and subsequently open a new window.

I took down my Paper Notion web site and meshed it into fortunehearts. That was a huge waste of time. I thought that Shopify had changed my life, on the same level of Khiel’s deodorant or first discovering Paper Source. But at the end of the week that I dedicated to learning a new web language, they started charging a monthly fee. It is probably not that bad. But since I sort of know what I am doing, I was highly upset. I publicly vowed to teach myself Ruby on Rails using Lynda.com and cancel my Shopify account. I did start the Ruby on Rails training, went on vacation and never restarted. Then I started CSS last week. Finally I opted to just update the index page and header since the next Shopify invoice was due next week. Somehow, I went from an additional 3.5% fee to over 90% commission during a very slow month. And as my husband likes to remind me on a regular occasion, I am incredibly cheap. It’s not that I am cheap, but there is another place I could spend that money. Plus any person in their right mind would agree that percentage does not make a lot of business sense.

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