A Rainbow of Temptation

During Tuesday’s visit, Macon didn’t sling a single book despite his true heart’s desire. Meanwhile, Sarah did an excellent job of capturing the slow progress of some of my living spaces – specifically the almost completed sun room and the fairly barren living room.

We are slowly adding more pieces of furniture, which helps our house feel more like a home. Dad brought over Bo’s church pew, which is the perfect fit for our kitchen. It also became the place where Lucy wants to kneel and color. Now we just need a chalkboard and some pillows. Mom helped me set up the guest room on Saturday. And tonight I rearranged Lucy’s bedroom. I need more furniture, which is a blessing. Before we moved, I was convinced that all of our stuff would fill this house. That is what happened when we moved from the one bedroom to the two bedroom next door. Three pieces of furniture more and we were settled. By five plus years later, we were tight as a tick.

So it is really nice having a little breathing room and the opportunity to pillage for pieces you really like. I must admit that I have already looked through Heather’s basement on more than one occasion. This is a warning to family members, I may be on the prowl when I visit your house next. I promise to return it at anytime you like!

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