A New Look For the Family


A new shingle was finally hung today. My family’s law practice has a new location after 38 years! Can you believe, because I can’t. But I am very excited to bring about a new identity for their business. Plus it feels amazing to freshen up a space in Walnut Cove. (I am ready to help with more!)


After documenting my life for a few decades, I now recognize that it goes in waves or cycles that generally last about six weeks long. The last six weeks “ended” on Friday and was marked mainly by rain. It’s still raining, but it felt like the ending of a pretty slow time in my life. I am grateful that I at least have the signage to show for it. 


I also feel incredibly settled, which is an interesting feeling. Like a lot of extraneous stuff has fallen away and now I am able to look around and add back only what I want to – like Chinese Brush Painting, perhaps.


I have a few other new ventures that have evolved out of this period, which I can’t wait to share. But the second project relies heavily on receiving our new car, which we bought in September. SEPTEMBER. We have been a one car family for well over a month now. 


Here’s a blessing to continued years of service in Walnut Cove. A lot of labor and love has already transpired over the years. May this new location lead to great success and prosperity (and retirement for some!)

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