a moss stone from Stumasa

When I was in San Francisco, I would ride the bus everywhere. I think that I became more familiar with the #71 route than Brendan is. It stops right outside his door, so it was easy to hop on every morning.

Along the bus route there was a shop called Stumasa, which looked so inviting. I really wanted to see what was inside. I made a mental note of the times they were opened. But I didn’t know why I would be in that area to drop in. So when we were walking through Golden Gate Park on my last day in SF, I decided that I was going to make it before it closed, which was in less than ten minutes. I essentially ran ahead of Brendan sure that it was closed. But to my surprise it was open.

I loved the store. It is just so sweet inside. I stood there in awe of all the different products that they offered. I saw several that I wanted to buy, including a green felt ring with three little pink flowers on top. Unfortunately, none of them fit on any of my fingers. That was probably for the best. However I did buy a moss stone, many of which are seen in the urn in the photo of the shop above. I thought that would be a nice touch to Henry’s Valentine’s gift. I loved it.

Well Henry thought that it was really dumb. For some reason, it creeped him out. It seems like it would be heavy, like a real moss stone. But it is actually very light. It feels like hollow plastic covered with a fine little moss texture. One night we were sitting here talking about it and he even put it in his mouth. I freaked because I didn’t want it to disintegrate. I still think that it is very sweet. But you may not want to touch it if you come to our house.

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