a little too slow, but lucky find

I fell in love with Karen Hanmer’s work at the 2006 Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair. So I was very excited to find that she was teaching how to create her Flag Books at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton in late February.

South Florida is lovely in late February. It’s not quite too hot for a visit and a nice get away from the cold weather in DC. Plus we need to make it a top priority to spend more time with our family.

I was so upset when I discovered that the class was full and had a waiting list. I should have signed up three weeks ago, when I first looked in to taking the class. I also should have bought the plane tickets, which have also gone up at least $50 each. Hmmm… now I am looking into other options, including her class in Syracuse. Or San Diego. But can I wait until November to visit Sherri? I am not sure that I can.

As for my exciting find, while exploring the Syracuse listing for Karen Hanmer’s class, I clicked on Bonefolder, an e-journal for the bookbinder and book artist. I have never heard of this journal before. Karen Hanmer serves on the board of this peer-reviewed journal. And you are free to explore all of the issues online. I am very excited to browse through and see what I have been missing.

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