a little quiet lately

I know that I have been a little quiet lately. But that just means that I have been very busy. And a very good kind of busy. So that is good. And I have high hopes for this weekend. Henry left town a couple of hours ago to watch the ACC Tournament in Chapel Hill with his law school classmates.

For the first hour, I was a little sad, because as you know, Henry is my favorite person to hang out with. And I know that Chapel Hill has to be beautiful at this time of year. Spring is just days away and I can only imagine the bright green grass, budding flowers and trees.

So I called Alex and Shannon, and now I have settled into my laptop to finish up some projects that I really hope and believe will be complete before my birthday, and even better if at the end of winter.

One hiccup in my blogging was my trip to NYC. It was great, but I was pick pocketed while enjoying some hot chocolate at Rocco’s Bakery on Bleaker Street. It totally sucked, but I figured it out before the $1658 charge at Staples went through. All they really got was my camera and a little inconvenience. I had to get a new driver’s license, credit/debit cards, insurance card and a wallet.

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Plus I have my very own official NYPD Detective. But he doesn’t have email, so I couldn’t send him my own detective work via Google Maps. What!?! I am still skeptical with that excuse. Come on, Bloomberg. Just think of all the free web apps that your police force could use out there. The detective even asked if I was trying to get his job. Hmmm… maybe if I can still use my iPhone for my detective work.

One thing that blew my mind – I had a dream before my trip that I dropped my camera into an above ground pool while crossing from six feet above on a tiny rope bridge. My immediate thought was “I can’t file this on my insurance, because I just made the same claim for my iPhone last week.” So I was actually excited when I realized that they didn’t get my iPhone. It was in my coat pocket. I really think that would have been more than I could have handled.

Now things are looking up. Target opened in Columbia Heights and I bought a new pink wallet, which is even better color than before! Plus I found a 512MB memory card covered in dust in a small dish on my bedside table. That was perfect timing for the unexpected speedy delivery of my new camera, which I received today.

This weekend I hope to finish my very own web site – carolinearmijo.com. I have been working off and on with this since January. I’m also working on the SCAN Golf Tournament and Eris’ new ineveryroom.com web site. Plus, I created a logo for a Bolivian Co-op of women weavers. Anyone looking to import woven goods from Bolivia? I know where you can find some original designs. Just tell Jessica. She’s visiting them on Sunday.

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