7 Weeks + 14 hours + 1000th photo

As promised yesterday afternoon, this is Lucy on her seven week
birthday, aka the 1000th picture I’ve taken with my iPhone. She weighs
in at 8.5 pounds. (There is a good chance that I’m repeating myself.)
And she officially survived her first road trip, which clocked in at
14.5 hours from door to door.

To be fair, he 14.5 hours included a checkup, a stop at Chik-fil-a and
Babies R Us, bad NOVA traffic, two rest stops, a four-lane accident,
checking on our apartment in Chapel Hill, dinner at 411 West, gas, and
a meltdown in Mebane.

By the time she arrived home, she was completely pooped. If she didn’t
have to be in the car seat the entire time, it wouldn’t have been so
bad. But IRS hard to burp a baby while strapped into a five point
harness. I’m open to any suggestions since we still have the journey

I vividly remember when Alex frequently insisted on riding above the
seat in the back window of our little Corolla. I would guess that he
was three or four. Wow! Now petite kids are riding in booster seats
until they graduated from high school!

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