• By The Waters of Moratock

    SEPTEMBER 2015

    installation and call for prayer for the Dan River at the 2015 Stokes Stomp
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  • Souvenirs: Seven Years Later

    SEPTEMBER 2013 – MAY 2015

    inspired by a six-week personal pilgrimage through Europe during 2006
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  • In a Perfect World


    a look at Justice, Peace, Wholeness, Salvation, Grace, and Gratitude during the 2010 Advent Season
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  • Forty Forts in Forty Days

    FEBRUARY – MAY 2010

    a Lenten practice during my first year of motherhood
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  • Tobacco Rug

    DECEMBER 2008

    inspired by the rich tradition of story-telling, craft and life as a ninth-generation North Carolinian
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  • Telling Stories

    JULY – OCTOBER 2008

    ten weeks of liturgical art inspired by the stories of Exodus
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A New Look For the Family

   A new shingle was finally hung today. My family's law practice has a new location after 38 years! Can you believe, because I can't. But I am very excited to bring about a new identity for their business. Plus…

Prayers for Coal Ash Alliance

Last week evolved into a big holy week with the Pope's arrival in the US. I, like everyone else, knew that the Pope was coming. I committed to myself well over a month ago that I was going to write…

Rereading “The Hairstons” 

Last night I finally picked up my mom's copy of The Hairston's and started reading it again for the first time in at least a dozen or more years. This is my second local history narrative and I find it…

For Calming Jitters

I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday after realizing that I should have reminded Lucy of these tips I have tried to teach her over the past year. Here are a few calming techniques your child (and you) can do…

In Gray Matter, I asked 'whose God is too small?' concerning all the loved ones I had lost to cancer. That question led me to speaking out against coal ash and fracking in Stokes County, NC. Because #BelewsCreekMatters.



I combine formed paper, found materials, and written biographical stories to create sculptural books, which focus on my family, personal history, and spirituality.



Okay, I love alliteration. I write a lot. Every day. Way more than I create art. My writing informs my work and is an integral part of my final pieces of my sculptural books.



I believe play is important work. That also means fighting for a clean environment. I speak up for playgrounds (very fun) and against coal ash (not so fun).

Kind Words

  • Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with Nelson and me. Your books tell such powerful stories! I am enriched a thousand, thousand fold.

    Charlotte Linder
  • Caroline can bring sacred ideas to life in her beautiful artistic expressions. As a pastor, my collaboration with Caroline deepened my congregation’s communal experience of worship and her art continues to inspire and deepen my own spiritual practice.

    Rev. Dr. Amy Butler

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