• Souvenirs: Seven Years Later

    SEPTEMBER 2013 – MAY 2015

    inspired by a six-week personal pilgrimage through Europe during 2006
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  • In a Perfect World


    a look at Justice, Peace, Wholeness, Salvation, Grace, and Gratitude during the 2010 Advent Season
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  • Forty Forts in Forty Days

    FEBRUARY – MAY 2010

    a Lenten practice during my first year of motherhood
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  • Tobacco Rug

    DECEMBER 2008

    inspired by the rich tradition of story-telling, craft and life as a ninth-generation North Carolinian
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  • Telling Stories

    JULY – OCTOBER 2008

    ten weeks of liturgical art inspired by the stories of Exodus
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For Calming Jitters

I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday after realizing that I should have reminded Lucy of these tips I have tried to teach her over the past year. Here are a few calming techniques your child (and you) can do…

Lucy’s First Day of First Grade

Today was Lucy's first day of first grade. We were so excited to meet her new teacher and start back to school. She looks a little less nervous than last year! Granted we did not get any pictures in her…

Source Materials

   As we begin our transition back to a routine, I am turning my attention to my first outdoor art installation.  I wrote a poem while in Florida and now it's time to start creating the panels of laminate plastic.…

And We’re Back…

  We are back from over a week in Florida for our biannual family/work/family vacation.  I have long suffered from PTSD after numerous sunburns on the beach. But this is the year I embraced the long-sleeved rash guard and my…

In Gray Matter, I asked 'whose God is too small?' concerning all the loved ones I had lost to cancer. That question led me to speaking out against coal ash and fracking in Stokes County, NC. Because #BelewsCreekMatters.



I combine formed paper, found materials, and written biographical stories to create sculptural books, which focus on my family, personal history, and spirituality.



Okay, I love alliteration. I write a lot. Every day. Way more than I create art. My writing informs my work and is an integral part of my final pieces of my sculptural books.



I believe play is important work. That also means fighting for a clean environment. I speak up for playgrounds (very fun) and against coal ash (not so fun).

Kind Words

  • Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with Nelson and me. Your books tell such powerful stories! I am enriched a thousand, thousand fold.

    Charlotte Linder

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