"Souvenirs: Seven Years Later" features work based on memories from a six-week trip to Europe in 2006. Inspired by the pilgrims on the St. James' Way in Spain, I noted lessons learned in various cities by creating a series of seven pieces. 

My Goals for the Year

This year I'm trying to step back from having a whole bunch of specific measurable goals. Instead I'm hope to focus on some fun things in the new year. I hope these will leave plenty of room to enjoy the…

In Hope of 2015

[youtube]http://youtu.be/s8utJor0Fbo[/youtube] Before heading to Florida, I gathered up all of our old magazines that needed to be recycled, as prompted by one of Elizabeth Gilbert's FaceBook posts. She had made a collage for how she wanted 2015 to feel. Perfect.…

Magic is in Your Head

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9lYKXH0SFU Tonight during bedtime with Lucy Me: Do you feel like your bouncing? Lucy, incredulous: Yes. How did you know that? C: Because you told me a few minutes ago you felt like you were still jumping on the trampoline.…

Day 18: Celtic Advent

December 2 [youtube width="500" height="315"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nhu7iZZ76uE[/youtube] Sing some favorite songs, with others if you can. So it seems I fell behind on these Advent posts. Can you guess what Oliver is singing here? I'm getting ready for the Foothills Open Air…



I combine formed paper, found materials, and written biographical stories to create sculptural books, which focus on my family, personal history, and spirituality.



Okay, I love alliteration. I write a lot. Every day. Way more than I create art. My writing informs my work and is an integral part of my final pieces of my sculptural books.



I believe play is important work. That also means fighting for a clean environment. I speak up for playgrounds (very fun) and against coal ash (not so fun).

My Most Recent Art on View

10/25 – 11/23/2014: Over the Edge: Paperworks Unbound Exhibit, WAH Center, Brooklyn, NY
{Opening Reception: 10/25/2014, 4-6 pm}
11/7 – 25/2014: Outside the Margin Book Arts Exhibition, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Silver Spring, MD
{Opening Reception: 11/7/2014, 6-8 pm}
12/5 – 6/2014: Foothills Art Market, Elkin, NC
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Kind Words

  • Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with Nelson and me. Your books tell such powerful stories! I am enriched a thousand, thousand fold.

    Charlotte Linder

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