All Boy

I love this picture of my dad as a young boy. Bettye tells a lot of funny stories about him walking around Germanton with frogs and snakes in his pockets and a pack of dogs on his heels. He told…

Stockholm: So Now What

This morning I actually worked on the first of the three final art projects I hope to complete before the end of September. It took me from September to July to make four, so I may be a little ambitious…


Much to my surprise, Oliver has thrown me for a loop this week as our family has fairly smoothly adjusted to our new schedule. Lucy likes to call it the crazypox. She says it involves spots on his legs, but…

It’s Here!

Kindergarten is here! Since Lucy is going to a Spanish Immersion program, we are wondering will she be Lucia or Lucy. All of her classroom labels say "Lucia." So we will see. This year, I am taking Lucy to school…

About My Work

I combine formed paper, found materials, and written biographical stories to create sculptural books, which focus on my family, personal history, and spirituality.



My work “works” when it surprises me and when it leads me to new connections between the work’s form, my chosen narrative, and my creative process that I had not considered prior to making the piece.



Okay, I love alliteration. I write a lot. Every day. Way more than I create art. My writing informs my work and is an integral part of my final pieces of my sculptural books.



I believe play is important work. That also means fighting for a clean environment. I speak up for playgrounds (very fun) and against coal ash (not so fun).

Kind Words

  • Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with Nelson and me. Your books tell such powerful stories! I am enriched a thousand, thousand fold.

    Charlotte Linder

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